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Under the Hood

Friends who might be looking for us… we will be UNDER THE HOOD.  That is, D2 is dedicating 2014 to making our machine run better.  It ain’t broke, but since it ain’t broke, we thought we’d break it, and build something larger and stronger.  The precipitating factor for this experiment is the unprecedented luxury of having no need to market new work for the balance of the year.  With this deferred energy, we are attacking the engine itself, going under the hood, and investing time, money, and passion for  improving our competencies in both Media and Content.

  • Media = our command of Revit and other state of the art technologies that improve speed and accuracy.
  • Content = our command of code compliance, building technologies, constructability, consultant coordination, and design itself.

For  workshops, we are taking ourselves off the grid to FOCUS for half the day on each topic listed above.  We will, of course, be taking small breaks for brief telephone calls and emails, particularly for our clients who have projects with urgent deadlines. But for the most part, we want to be off the grid and concentrating on making D2 the A1 premier firm in the country in Senior Living architecture.  We will benefit, this is sure, but we believe the real benefit of this investment will accrue to you, our beloved clients and friends.

Fair warning: We will give you notice when the “brown-outs” are scheduled to last more than two hours.  Thank you for your patience, and for your loyalty, which we plan to deepen as we spend 2014 not Out There, but In Here … UNDER THE HOOD!

David A. Dillard, FAIA