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Three D2 Projects Pass TDADS Initial Life Safety Inspections in October

Élan Westpointe, The Tradition Lovers Lane Assisted Living and Memory Care, and The Tradition on Arapaho Assisted Living and Memory Care have passed the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (TDADS) Initial Life Safety inspections and will be moving in the first residents.

“We have been honored to work with these teams to achieve successful results,” said David Dillard, President of D2 Architecture. “It is truly a collaborative effort from our initial programming meetings to the days of inspection to move-in. We learn from each survey and are able to transfer that knowledge into our practice, easing the process for clients.”

D2 takes a proactive approach to facilitating the DADS survey process so that from the design and construction standpoint, the facility will receive its license to operate. This starts with early coordination meetings with owners and consultants to inform and train team members on what to expect during an inspection, how to serve the inspectors, how to track information, how to schedule the inspections and what the inspectors will highlight.

D2 maintains a database of inspection checklists and adds to this each time an inspection occurs at one of our projects. This allows us to track most common items and issues, as well as new items that DADS may be tracking. D2 conducts regular meetings to explain the checklist and required documentation, gather documents and track any missing items. D2 is also onsite the days of inspection. This allows our team to engage with the inspector and assist in answering questions, finding any additional information, and providing any necessary design solutions.

By initiating these actions early and consistently throughout design and construction, the entire team is prepared and organized for the DADS survey. This process has forged a cooperative partnership between the inspectors and our teams. With this sort of collaboration, we continue to exceed expectations for providing quality communities for seniors.