Terraces at Los Altos

The Terraces at Los Altos (formerly known as Pilgrim Haven) was the first community of American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW.)  Established in a rural area full of orchards in 1949, it was eventually surrounded by single-family home development.  The community was in desperate need of repositioning for the changing needs of the elders of Los Altos.  Due to the age of the facilities, most units were extremely small and almost none were ADA accessible.  Seismic, life safety, and health codes had changed dramatically over the decades.  The resulting design creates a home-like environment. Interior spaces were intentionally kept small and intimate. Each resident now had a private bathroom in their room now.  Most of the bedrooms also open right into the main commons spaces for each household.  Each of the unit entries is recessed creating a more formal entry into each individual’s residence. The short distances between bedrooms and common areas encourage residents to engage more with the social environment while also improving sightlines for the staff.