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Patrick Donnell

Name:  Patrick Donnell

Title:  Architect

Date Employed at D2:  June 2010

Hometown:  El Lago, TX

Previous Work Experience: 16 1/2 years of Multi-family, 14 years of Single Family

Education:  Bachelor of Architecture, Louisiana Tech University

What brought you into the field of architecture?  A love of drawing, structures and construction

What is your favorite piece of work?  The next one we are working on…

What is your favorite quote?  He who makes no mistakes, usually makes nothing. – Theodore Roosevelt

Who inspires you?  David Dillard and the team I work with.

Personal Hobbies/Interests:  RV Camping, photography, painting

Something not many people know about me:  I used to play a really mean trumpet

CB Handle:  Texas Turtle