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Orchard View

Orchard View is a low income Skilled Nursing community that began as Muscogee Manor, a county tuberculosis hospital, in 1910. It evolved over its history into a senior care community but was located in an area where county facilities were concentrated, including the local prison next door. Muscogee Manor planned for a great many years to move and finally began their phased relocation to a beautifully wooded site in a nicer area.

Due to their dependence on Medicaid the budget was limited. Muscogee Manor was passionate about resident-centered care, but had to accept the reality that their vision would have to be phased. The new community, now called Orchard View, included two wings of Rehabilitation small house style households. Using an innovative offset S shape, the apartments were able to very tightly wrap around open living spaces. Instead of sixteen apartment wrapping around each area, the offset allowed each household of sixteen to be further broken down to eight. Views in multiple directions were a priority.

A bistro café with “grab and go,” dining room and room service options is shared between the households. The Rehabilitation Wellness center and Garden are also shared between the households.

Staff support spaces include hidden Nurse stations that allow staff to stay close to their residents in each Neighborhood.   Nurse stations are discreetly integrated into the Country Kitchens.

Location: Columbus, GA
Lead Architect: Grant Warner, AIA
Type: Healthcare
Total Square Footage: 178,000