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Grant Warner, AIA, LEED AP

Grant has a proclivity for addressing every client, every program, and every project with such passion that every client wants him back on the next one. He was on the original Edgemere team and has worked since with the D2 leadership on projects from coast to coast. He is particularly informed and passionate about the Culture Change movement, and has joined David on the lecture circuit on this topic among others. Grant is a recipient of the  Dallas AIA Design Award for Nogales Produce.

Here are a few fun facts about Grant:

Houston, TX

Bachelors of Architecture, Texas Tech University

What brought you into the field of architecture?
Modeling. The nerdy, building-little-miniatures kind, not the Brad-Pitt-Chanel kind.

What is your favorite quote?
“The truth is just a poor excuse for lack of imagination.”

Who inspires you?
My family, my friends and colleagues. Thom Mayne. Katherine Hepburn. Terry Gilliam. Douglas Adams. Dawn Hochsprung. Anathema. Cary Grant. Pixar. Lance Armstrong. The top two Kardashians.

Personal Hobbies/Interests:
Playing with my kids, reading, photography, aerospace, astronomy, music, cooking, writing, movies, annoying Josh.

Something not many people know about me:
I used to be a skydiver.

What is your favorite piece of work?
My favorite work of architecture is the Chapel of Saint Ignatius in Seattle by Steven Holl.