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Cornerstone MRC Renovations

Part of a $3 million renovation and a realization of their vision to provide the latest features in both living space and services to their residents, Methodist Retirement Communities transformed their lobby, atrium, and dining commons into a more service oriented, luxuriously appointed dining and living area.

The entire dining area was gutted, removing half walls and faux columns to opening up the space for more functional use and dramatic fixtures and furniture. A soft and sophisticated palette of beiges and blues updated the existing drab finishes. The existing private dining was relocated and replaced with a bistro. The bistro is a light food service venue. These improvements to the dining allow Cornerstone to extend services hours and function to their residents. A focal point of the dining corridor, the sun room punctuates the end of the dining room with a beautiful sitting area bathed in natural light.

The atrium space received a facelift that included new carpet, paint, trim, and light fixtures. And while the crown molding had to stay, the design team had to find a way to lighten the feel of the walls in the space. Their massive character was cold and overbearing.  By introducing a rich color palette of warm beige that gradually lightens as the atrium rises, the entire space transforms into a tranquil living area.   This truly reduced the massiveness of the walls and lightened up the space promoting the elegance of the much-loved atrium.