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Carriage House Manor

Carriage House was an existing “hub and spoke” skilled nursing facility in Sulphur Springs Texas.
The Owner challenged D2 to help move his care model towards small house style care. While unable to commit to trademarked models like The Greenhouse Project, he was strongly influenced by the ideas. An adaptation of the small house model evolved. Two Skilled Nursing care homes with twelve apartments each evolved adjacent to the existing facility. A Masterplan was designed to accommodate four more in phases of pairs.

Each house arrayed its apartments around shared living spaces. Each home included an open residential and activity kitchen and its own back of house pantry. A “dog run” style motif helped to ground the design in the local community’s history and provide views in multiple directions. The “dog run” also provided access to a shared garden with other homes.

A wrap around porch helped to reinforce the residential character of the homes as well as shade the wall to wall windows from west exposure.

Location: Sulphur Springs, TX
Year Built: 2012
Lead Architects: Grant Warner, AIA Josh Williams, AIA
Type: Healthcare
Total Square Footage: 9,200 each building