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Brandon Criner

Name: Brandon Criner

Title: Project Manager

Date Employed at D2 (month/year): Feb 2014

Hometown:  Crandall, TX

Previous Work Experience:  Twenty years at Raymond Harris & Associates Architects


Bachelors of Environmental Design from Texas A&M (1990)

Masters of Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary (2000).

What brought you into the field of architecture?  I like to draw and build.   I inherited it from my father who worked as a draftsman and fireman and always had some project going on at home.

What is your favorite piece of work?  It may sound trite but the Eiffel Tower (though the initial design was by Maurice Koechlin).   It’s an elegant and efficient blend of structure and art that has little fluff.  It went far beyond it’s goal of the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair entrance.   And unlike other noteworthy European edifices, it didn’t’ take decades to build, require an inhumane budget, or become a maintenance nightmare.  It was heavily criticized by many at the time and was to be torn down after twenty years.  Now its the pride of Paris.

 What is your favorite quote?   “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.”

Who inspires you?  In architecture, it would be Francis Ching.  I don’t know if he ever designed anything at all.  However, he is probably the most widely read architectural author because of his gifted ability to teach clearly and communicate difficult concepts in a simple, graphic fashion.   In my opinion, he has done more for architecture than most “great” architects.  If he wrote a book on how to hold a fork, it would be interesting.

Personal Hobbies/Interests:  Vacationing with family, being outdoors, piddling in my garage, freehand drawing, riding my bike, shopping estate sales, building sand sculptures, watching movies, reading my Bible, and formulating theological treatises.  Or just watching a movie on family night of a guy selling drawings so he can buy a bike at an estate sale that he fixes and then rides to the beach where he makes a huge sand sculpture of Noah’s Ark.

Something not many people know about me:    I never missed a day of school from 6-12th grade. However, I never even got a ribbon for it.