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Nathan Sheppard

Wh no credit check military loans at attracted me to D2 was the open office setting.  It is really a level playing field here and the range of opportunity for a new graduate like myself is surprisingly large.  I feel like I am on the front lines of my projects which has included everything from sitting down with clients to investigating construction challenges.  The office places a huge emphasis on continually improving from one project to the next and standards are high at every level of work.  At the same, time everyone is extremely approachable and I have easy access to the wide range of expertise in the open office setting.  People regularly volunteer information, answering questions I did not even know to ask.

Another great aspect of working at D2 is the degree of specialization in our work.  Our exclusive focus on senior living has enabled the team here to cultivate a thorough sense of the lives of our buildings’ occupants.  It takes an extra level of personal micro loans understanding to design a building where the smallest design decisions can dramatically improve people’s wellbeing.

The office location is another perk that I noticed when I first came here.  The West End is a comfortable, mid-rise office setting – a place with cash register desk more personality and warmth than your standard glass tower design firm.