David Dillard and Grant Warner Contribute to Senior Housing News Story on Innovative Design

In a recently posted article by Senior Housing News, David Dillard and Grant Warner discuss both the benefits and the difficulty of incorporating both modern and innovative design features. While it’s easy to see the benefits of increased area, social activity and flexibility, there are implications to safety that make their integration more difficult.

“We have been in senior living for 20 years. We have seen some changes, but not enough in our opinion, in terms of movement of regulatory agencies as they come along for seniors,” says David Dillard, principal with D2 Architecture.

D2 has had some success helping officials understand the need for these advances, but the movement still has a long way to go in most states.

“Universal design is an integral part of aging in place,” says Grant Warner, principal with D2 Architecture, “People [shouldn’t] have to keep moving because their abilities change. IL is the new AL and we want to make sure these environments are customizable for residents, so that residents don’t have have to keep moving.”

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