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As we conclude our first year anniversary of D2U, or as you may recall the coining of what we called The Year Under the Hood, we took the opportunity to survey the faculty/staff (read: one in the same) about their experience, their takeaways, their growth. If nothing else to determine if everyone had in fact moved their dot on the chart up and the right. (Read original D2U manifesto here.)

And while the responses were universally, whole heartedly positive, we began to notice a theme in the feedback: collaboration. We had set out to singularly raise the acumen of each and every staff member by sharing our skills and insight on a particular topic, and came away with a team less inhibited to ask questions or share experiences that lead to the best solutions for our clients.

Here are some excerpts from our “course evaluations”:Growth Chart

“The Content side of D2U was one of the more helpful parts of the program for me. Going through all the classes has already made me more aware of how parts of buildings are put together and how the building works as a whole.” Alex McMaken


“Like history, if we do not learn from past mistakes we are doomed to repeat them.  Less repeated mistakes means we are freed up to do better design, expand our horizons, and happier clients and people.  It elevates us to higher levels of creating, working, and living.” Keith Wilson, AIA


“The teachers (my coworkers) did a great job of breaking down complicated concepts into digestible chunks. Having different perspectives from a number of seasoned veterans all in the same room was invaluable as well. At the end of the day, I’m very thankful for my time spent in D2 U and I know it will pay dividends for years to come.” Sterling Smith, AIA


“It was inspiring to see D2ers (people of D2 Architecture) come together once a week to share their knowledge, leading for D2 to grow together. Content apprentices along with media apprentices moving parallel towards one common goal; making D2 an even more collaborative, responsive TEAM.” Daniela Lambarri

As we have all come to understand, when we leverage our resources correctly, we deliver creative, more efficient solutions. But first we need to know what (who) our resources are. Our projects require the coordinated resources of many talented people who rely on each other to successfully “wow” our clients.

Throughout the past year, D2 has developed an open environment to share our abilities, challenges, and lessons learned that now constitutes a robust body of knowledge rooted in collaboration. We were nothing if not inspired by one another for sharing their stories and expertise. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

So what’s next you ask? There will be some celebration, but we are far from done. D2U left us learning for more and we have set in place a syllabus for D2U.2 with longer (less frequent) sessions, immersing ourselves in topics integral to our work both inside and outside the office.

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