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D2U.2 Tours Projects Under Construction

Spotted: D2U.2 onsite at Menger Springs and Titan’s Elan Westpointe. Yes, that’s right, nearly the entire firm stepped out for the day to see these two projects currently under construction. The goal: to better understand the construction process and the importance of construction documents, details and communication.

There were so many opportunities to see how the drawings come to life before the finishes go in. The culmination of  disciplines were easily visible in the structural elements, the overhead ceiling coordination of systems, and the layers of waterproofing and flashing details. It was easy to recognize that anything left to interpretation in the drawings was…well, interpreted. We design living environments that are subject to rigorous codes that impact life safety. We have to be on our game for crucial details for not only for the contractors, but for our clients and their residents. Much like our Sleepover Project®, this field trip gave us a glimpse into another aspect of our business and left us with a greater understanding of the importance of our undertaking in creating better environments for seniors.