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Why work at D2

Sterling Smith

D2 gave me an opportunity to feel like I was really giving back. My mother was declared fully disabled in 2008 (Multiple Sclerosis) and since then I’ve been very aware of the need for accessibility and, especially, senior housing. Prior to coming here, I’d worked in offices large (700+) and small (5), designing retail buildings, […]

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Siobhan Winfrey

What I like about D2: The ability to “wear many hats” Constantly learning and constantly being challenged Our clients, we have the best in the industry Our team – David, our professional staff and consultants – care about the success of the design beyond construction completion

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Not only has our portfolio grown to encompass some of the most progressive senior living projects in the country, we have grown. Our staff continues to grow in numbers and aptitude, cultivating among the most passionate, talented architects dedicated to advancing communities for seniors. Much of our passion is a direct result of our experiences […]

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