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Three D2 Projects Pass TDADS Initial Life Safety Inspections in October

Élan Westpointe, The Tradition Lovers Lane Assisted Living and Memory Care, and The Tradition on Arapaho Assisted Living and Memory Care have passed the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (TDADS) Initial Life Safety inspections and will be moving in the first residents. “We have been honored to work …

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Not Your Ordinary Fire Drill

On Monday, our architects had a surprise fire drill. No big deal, right? Periodic rehearsal leads to safe evacuations. What about in senior living communities where residents have varying degrees of difficulty with activities of daily living? What does a fire drill look like at an assisted living facility?  What …

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From the Desk of the President: In matters of firm management, D2 stands more or less on the constitution of Jim Cramer’s How Firms Succeed - an industry staple since 2004.  Jim is a friend and has successfully drilled into my mind, by oration as well as written word, that the …

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Under the Hood

Friends who might be looking for us… we will be UNDER THE HOOD.  That is, D2 is dedicating 2014 to making our machine run better.  It ain’t broke, but since it ain’t broke, we thought we’d loans up to 1000 break it, and build something larger and stronger.  The precipitating factor for this experiment …

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analytical expository essay At D2 we know the design process is never done. Just when the drawings for a particular building are loans on mobile homes complete something needs to be moved, and just when a building is complete something needs to be remodeled. That is why we go through what we call “repositioning” …

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