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D2 Road Trip!!!


Well, we packed up our bags and headed out on another field trip last Friday...that's right, Friday, the 13th. The only scary thing was making the bus by 7 am and guess what? Everyone did! We packed up 26 D2-ers and headed to Austin to check out two of our …

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Where’s My Rabbit?


Last summer our D2 hat traveled the world. It was an amazing time payday loans hour of discovery and fun as we guessed the location of the snapshots of all the unique, fun, beautiful places we traveled. This year our contest has taken on another meaning. A similar theme, Where’s My Rabbit, depicts …

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David Dillard to Speak at Ziegler’s Senior Living Finance + Strategy Conference


David Dillard, FAIA has been selected to speak at Ziegler’s Senior Living Finance + Strategy Conference, the industry’s leading conference, focusing on cutting-edge finance and strategic positioning trends affecting today’s senior living providers. The conference is designed for CEOs, CFOs, payday loan shop key board members and institutional investors, credit enhancers, rating agency …

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Kimball High School Students Tour D2 Office


On September 28, a group of 25 students from Justin F. Kimball High School payday loan no credit toured D2's office and heard from D2's president, David Dillard and several other architects about careers in architecture, and the architectural design process. Students in the Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) program walked through the office …

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Where’s my hat?


In conjunction with our new branding campaign, D2 has launched a contest for employees and any one with a new D2 baseball cap. The goal is simple: to see how far geographically and (maybe) metaphorically we can take our new look. The rules are easy: snap a picture of your D2 cap …

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