Architects Awake!

The Sleepover Project is Underway

With the long-term goal of providing better design and building more responsive communities, D2 is sending each member of its senior living architectural design team to stay overnight in a senior living community. As many as 36 “Sleepers” will be assigned to a diverse range of communities – both geographically and demographically – from Boston to Los Angeles, Seattle to Miami; in urban, suburban and rural locations; and with accommodations ranging from modest to high-end.

Sleepers will spend their time on site fully and physically experiencing what it’s like to be a resident in that community. Upon arrival, the Sleeper will be assigned a specific medical condition and will then assume the limitations of that condition and experience a simulated version of its treatment and care. Conditions may range from a stroke victim having partial paralysis to an Alzheimer’s patient receiving Memory Care. Sleepers will participate in the community’s daily life for a full 24-hour period, and the varying levels of service and activities will accommodate their condition and corresponding lifestyle.

Throughout their stay, Sleepers will record their experiences in a journal. Those thoughts, observations and contemplations will be compiled into a master collection of journal entries with the intent to publish them for the benefit of all design professionals, complete with doodles, notes, reflections, and photos.